Some Unsolicited Comments From Our Readers

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Thanks for all your good work. I really enjoy getting your newsletters.

Thanks for your newsletters!

Thank you for your good work. Great information.

Great stuff.  Been a reader for years.

I look forward to receiving your retirement living reports each and every time they come out.

Love your newsletter and have recommended it to all my friends! The only problem is that it is still so hard to choose the optimal place to retire! Keep up the good work!

You helped me find a great retirement community for me and my husband.   Thanks so much.

Just wanted to let you know your review of Myrtle Beach SC is spot-on. Thank you for being the ONLY retirement destination advisors we know of who tell readers the true story. Keep up the FANTASTIC job!

My husband and I had been searching all over the internet looking for a retirement community, and then I found your website.  We now are planning to retire in TX after finding the perfect community on your site.  Thanks!

Such an easy way for me to see retirement communities from all over the country.   Really appreciate it.

I love the information I am getting from your site!

So you know, I am a huge fan of your Let me be spacific about why I am a fan:

1. Your reviews are tightly written, to the point, and full of useful information.

2. Consistent. Never to be underestimated, consistency offers a high level of comfort for your readers.....we know what to expect, and we get it every week. 3. You are fair. You cover the globe in essence. Your articles give us a taste of many locales, and again, are to the point.

I've become addicted to your site.

First, let me say THANKS for the great job you do in researching the diverse towns for which you provide basic information.  It has been very enlightening to read these as my wife and I plan for retirement.

Your web-site is such a tremendous service to all retired people.  Thank you very much for providing it.

You guys do a great job covering potential retirement spots that the retirement books never even dream of.  

Please keep up the good work -- I absolutely love your newsletter.

I receive and enjoy reading your newsletter. Great information. 

Thanks for all the great articles. Your staff does a terrific job with all your features.

Keep up the good work. I've recommended your site to all of my retired friends.

I love your emails and read each one!

I recommended your sites during my talks and writings as a resource for looking for a retirement location.

Just wanted to drop you a note saying how much I enjoy reading your town snapshots and indepth reviews.   Keep up the good work!

I have been receiving your emails daily for the last few months after signing up and enjoy them very much.   Just want to make sure I continue to get them because they have been very helpful in searching for retirement communities and information. 

Just love your weekly newsletters and reviews.

Thanks so much!  I continue as a great fan of your wonderful newsletter.

Thank you for your great reviews. I have been reading them for years. The ones for towns where I have lived are always spot-on, so I know I can rely on your evaluation of new places.

I don't plan on moving anymore, but I keep reading because I love your reviews and use them to plan vacations.

You are doing a great job.

Your website is really very helpful.

Hi! We found and purchased our retirement home in Ramona, Ca in San Diego County. The air is good.  The people are nice. Major shopping is 20 minutes away. Plenty of brand name grocery stores.  We love it! Thanks for your help!

I wanted to thank you for your e-mails of the recommended places for retirement. You are doing and incredible service to all of us at no cost.  If it wasn't for signing up for this e-mail I probably never would have known about all these great places to retire.  I hope people acknowledge you for what you are doing.

Have thoroughly enjoyed your efforts over the past few months ... what a joy to contemplate living all around the world through the eyes of you and your staff.  I have contacted several communities because of you.  Thanks!   Your research and insight are appreciated.   Have a great 2010!

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy "great retirement spots."   I  retired a few years ago and have the great freedom of choosing where I want  to live. You have helped me eliminate some of the spots I was interested in by the weather updates and tax info (these are tops on my checklist). So I  just want to thank you.

You guys are great! Thank you.

I really enjoy reading your reviews.

What a great site you have!   Thanks so much.

I really look forward to your emails especially the in-depth reviews with the little videos, some of which are really, really good.

Thank you for your very interesting newsletters.    Would you consider doing a review of Flagstaff, Arizona? I would like to know your opinion of this city.

I love your newsletters!

Great website!  Read it almost daily.  Keep up the good work.

Thanks very much, and keep up the great work!

Thanks for a very useful and well-done site.

Love your publication and look forward to reading it each weekend.

I received your comprehensive profile of Port St. Lucie, Florida.  Truly a masterpiece of invaluable information for which your
service deserves commendation.  

I want to thank you so much for continuing to send me the great newsletter.  I look forward to them each day.

Just want to congratulate you on the fine job you do, and your reports on retirement communities are VERY well written.....we
enjoy getting them and are anxiously looking for the one for us.....keep up the good work.

Your postings are such a service to me and I am sure to others looking for "Eden."

Thank you so very much for reviewing Carson City and Reno, NV. The in-depth on Carson City was really enlightening and possibly a potential retirement town for me.   So kind of you to send me these reviews.   Have a great weekend and thanks for all of your very interesting work. I'm always amazed at the insights you provide. 

I enjoy the e-mails about the retirement spots and look forward to seeing them every day!

Love your insights into so many locations to consider.   Thank you, again, for your emails and for your time.

Your newsletter is the only one I read for retirement areas.

Recently I have become your biggest fan! I honestly believe you(r) detail oriented reviews of retirement areas will help us find that place, the one where we will build one more house!

Enjoy your website!

I read your every post.

Thanks for all your great work... love your site!

How would I access back issues?  Could you archive these and then add a search feature? Thanks!

I enjoy your newsletter very much, and find it quite helpful.

I am new to your site and have been very pleased with what I have seen so far.  Thanks for your site and all you do to help seniors.

Thank you for your well written newsletters.

We subscribe and your information is wonderful! 

I recently found your website and I really love it.

I've been subscribing to your regular retirement spots site for years.  I think it is great.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks so much for the report on Ithaca, NY.  I've been there several times and I think you got it just right.  I learned some things about services for senior citizens, tax breaks, etc. that I didn't know.   Good job and thanks again.

I really like your retirement guide email - I have read many other sources but find you are the most accurate and I like the way you tell the pros and cons - so many sources do not mention cons.

Love your site!

Thank you for all you do.

I really appreciate what you do.

Nicely done.

I do enjoy your reviews and find them extremely useful and thorough.

Please send back issues.  Love your publication and hate to miss any issues!

5 years ago we were considering retirement in NC and your description of New Bern encouraged us to visit there. We have since moved there and absolutely love it!

We find your reviews and articles extremely informative, keep up the good work!  Thank you.

Very professional and impressive.

I look forward to receiving your reports on retirement venues since I am in the retirement planning process. Your reviews are comprehensive and cover just about everything I have on my list of criteria.  

Just read your excellent article about Colonia, Uruguay.  Keep up the good work.

Thank you for a wonderful service.

Thanks for the great site. Read it regularly.

Thank you for giving the overall political orientation of the communities that you cover. It really helps me consider retirement locations. Also, I live in California and think your descriptions of California towns have been spot-on.

I really appreciate the information you research on possible retirement areas.

Keep up the good work.

Kudos!  Well done.

You have always been helpful in giving great information.

I've been reading your newsletter for quite awhile now. In fact, I look forward to its arrival every week so I can explore a new possibility for retirement. You've greatly stirred my imagination about my available options.

Are you on vacation?  I missed two issues and want to ensure that I am still on your mailing list!

I wanted to let you know that I have not received your emails since July l and I miss them.  It really is  a very worthwhile service that you offer.

I really enjoy reading your reviews. I have a ways to go before I retire, but I love to dream. I especially like it when the town has a little video to watch. I tell lots of people about your site. Could you review Fort Peirce, FL? Thanks, and keep up the great work!!

Your write up of Lamar, Missouri was excellent.

I have heartily enjoyed (and visited) some of your spotlighted communities for several years now.

I just LOVE your emails with info about places of all sizes all over the country!  Thanks again!

Las Cruces, NM has been mentioned as a good retirement site from different organizations (AARP, Money Magazine and Sunset Magazine).    I read their reports, but  have found that your reports in other cities are quite accurate and think that your opinion would be very advantageous to me and to others.  Will you review it?

I would like to thank you and wish you a Happy New Year for all you do.

Please review Cooperstown, NY. Your profiles are great!

You have an excellent service!

I do enjoy your emails very much.  You do a great job!

I am a new subscriber and am enjoying reading

Love your reviews, we always check them out, appreciate the honesty.

Keep up the good work.  You people are great. I love reading about the different parts of the country and the article on Galena IL hit home.

I have been a dedicated follower of your newsletter for about 5 years now. I finally retired last year and am now traveling around the country in a little rv, in search of my own ideal spot. I have been using your newsletter and guide to past town reviews as a help in my travel destinations through the states. Thanks for all your research. Keep up the good work!

I think the weekly reviews are wonderful.  A friend, newly relocated to Reno, told me about your site, and because I really, sincerely
look forward to the weekly message, I have told friends and family about Great Retirement Spots, too.  

You offer a fine service in your weekly reviews.  Thank you.

I so appreciate your retirement spots newsletter.

I like that your reviews are honest and cover the good and the bad.  Very good.

Do you have a "top 50 list" or something similar, either in total or by region?  We enjoy your newsletters and website.  Thank you so much, as it gives it
excitement for the future.

I have been reading your website for over 6 months and enjoy it a lot.


Great Real Estate Abroad is a marvelous addition to your already marvelous website.  Many thanks!

Hi!  Love your site -- please keep newsletters coming.

Look forward to each new issue. Wife and I are wrestling with when and where to retire, so your information is very helpful.

I am enjoying reading your group's articles very much.

Thank you very much for your excellent article on Green Valley, AZ.   I've always wondered about it as a retirement option - and now I know!   Just want you to know how greatly your research is appreciated.

I am unsubscribing from your newsletter as I have just purchased a home, thanks to your information.  Keep up the good work!

Keep your e-mails coming, you are very informative and I enjoy your site. You have a GREAT WEBSITE.

Great work!  Keep it up.

I've been wanting to let you know how much I've enjoyed your reviews over the last few years. I "think" I might have been following them for almost as long as you've been writing them. They have prompted us in the past few years to take a peek at a few. Right now we are in Florence, Oregon and have been for three weeks. Your description is spot on. The main reason for contacting you is to compliment the person who puts the reviews "on paper" with accurate and interesting descriptions; very enjoyable reading.

I'm a big fan of your newsletter!

My husband and I love your website!

You do a great job.  Do you cover communities in Costa Rica, Mexico, etc. the same way you do US areas?  If so, how do I sign up for that weekly newsletter?

I do enjoy your site, and examining your highlighted communities.

I am new to Great Retirement Spots and find it a very good website.  I am reading with interest about a number of locations that I hadn't even considered.  Thank you for that! 

Thanks - you're doing a great job!

I love your site and the information in it!

Thanks.  In the short time I have been receiving your newsletter, I've found it very helpful.

I very much enjoy receiving the newsletters.

I, for one, enjoy your e-mails of great retirement places to move to; keep up keeping me posted!

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for your newsletter.  This is my first issue and I like the quality of the information and its presentation.

I have subscribed for a while and am using your newsletter as a tool for finding the place I will ultimately retire.  I have developed great respect for your opinion.

Thanks for your emails...I just recently signed up to receive them after I had a friend call me and tell me that I should sign up.

Love all of your retirement information."

I will continue to read your newsletters and website & enjoy the information about retirement communities all over our country. Thank  you.

First of all, thanks so much for the weekly reports concerning great places to live a retirement; I look forward to each report and appreciate your insights and objective comments. I am newly retired and looking to move away from the cold and high taxes of Wisconsin eventually.

Well done.

Thanks! I love your site.

I enjoy reading your profiles.

I do enjoy reading about the different towns you review, so keep up the good work!

I've truly enjoyed your Great Retirement Spots newsletters. 

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do.

Did you send an email today?  I read each one every day and want to know if one was sent out today?

I am looking forward to more great editions.  Thank you.

I like the information you distribute concerning great retirement spots.  I think it's terrific!

Thanks from a long time subscriber to your website!

Glad that I found you!

I've become an avid reader of your newsletter!

Thank you so much for your articles on different towns to retire to.  I look forward to them and enjoy their objective viewpoints.

Great information, not easy to find on our own. Thanks!

 I love reading all of the great information in your e-mails!

I enjoy your website very much.

Thank you - we love reading your reviews.

What is your opinion of Rehoboth Beach as a retirement spot? Would you do a review of it? Love your info.

I love your site!  It is so very helpful.

I enjoy very much your weekly e-mails. 

I loved your article and info. on Sequim, WA.  It was very informative and full of really fun information.  Several of my friends in Alaska have retired to Sequim and they love it!

Thank you and you do a wonderful job on reporting on various developments and I enjoy receiving your reports.  Keep up the wonderful job.

Thank you!  Reading that review was well worth the wait!

I really like your site.

The article about retirement in Austin, TX is excellent and well written.  I lived there and found it charming and think it is
worthwhile to mention some of its historical features.   I enjoy your messages and information. 

Your website is just splendid.  I find it a wealth of information, and most important I appreciate your objectivity  when commenting on pros and cons for retirement. 

Always enjoy your reports on towns and cities.

Hi, I really enjoy receiving this newsletter on the different retirement locations.

You reviewed Punta del Este in Uruguay! Outstanding.

Kudos for your review for Black Mountain. It matches my local knowledge of the community exactly. (I'm an NC native originally from the Blue Ridge foothills but now living near Raleigh.) Again, well done.

Great Newsletter! I enjoyed the read!

We appreciate everything you do.  I'm glad your website is out there!

Good, honest information.

Keep up the good work, I really enjoy your reviews.

We love reading your community profiles as we consider where to retire.

I love your information style!

I love your website, and have lots of fun perusing potential retirement sites.

Love your profiles of various active adult communities around the country.

And thanks for such an informative publication.

You have a great newsletter and I have subscribed to for years -- I look and dream -- my one new caveat is that I live near good medical care.

Cool service!

Could you review this town please? Love the fact you tell the truth about even bad aspects of towns rather than sugar coat them. Terrific job!

Truly enjoy reading your regular postings - they are so objective and informative and the exact info that a person needs when searching for retirement places.

Thanks so much Kris for a great amount of information.

I've enjoyed your site since retiring a few years ago.  Thanks for a great publication!

Thank you for sending information to me in regard to retirement spots.
Please continue.


Love your reviews.

Thank you for the wonderful resources you provide with your newsletters.

I love your site! Thanks so much.

I've been faithfully receiving your wonderful emails up until May of this year (and no more), and really enjoying them.  However, since then I have not received any more and wonder why since I have not unsubscribed from them.  Please reinstate my free subscription to these emails.

Keep up the great work!

How can I use your publication to help sell my second home in a great retirement community?  Your demographics seem perfect.

I look forward to seeing your profiles.

You write well! Good stuff.

Can you review Prescott, Arizona? We're thinking of retirement there and would love your objective opinion.

Thank you for the information you share.

Thanks for the valuable information.

Great job but please include more foreign destinations.

You have the best retirement website out there.

Thanks, and a job well done.

Do you need a writer?  I'd love to write for you!

I really enjoy receiving them every day because I am hoping to move soon.  I have found some very good information in your daily e-mails.

Please put me back on your mailing list.

I loved your reports.   Can I post them on   my site with the appropriate links and credits?

Thank you for all of the great information. Keep it coming!

We so appreciate your website; there's nothing else like it out there!

For some reason my email was stopped for being the wrong e-mail address when in fact it was the correct address.  I think that you may have received this message and stopped sending me E-Mail.  Please put me back on your list!  I miss your emails!

Thanks for your emails.

Thank you for the information on your site and all you do to help seniors.

You have a nicely done site.

Have you thought of doing a TV show? Like Rick Steve in Europe?

I am interested in advertising a townhouse rental I have in a retirement community in Tucson.  Can you   give me information about advertising in your emails?  They are great!

Love your website.

I have been on your email list for years - and it is great.

As a new subscriber, I'm very happy that I found you.

Great! Keep them coming----

Thanks so much, Kris - really enjoy your work.

Thank you for all your efforts and objectivity.

Thanks very much.

Thank you for your emails on retirement communities.

Great job!