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Why Kayaking is the Perfect Retirement Activity


Studies have shown that retirees who have hobbies and a sense of purpose are happier in retirement than those who don’t. 97% of retirees who have activities and purpose say they are more content and happy compared with 76% of individuals who are less active and driven.

Having a hobby in retirement is a great way to occupy the mind and body. Many retirees take their extra time and funnel it into a range of activities such as jogging, Tai Chi, or learning a new language. And one activity that ticks many boxes is kayaking.

Between 2010 and 2021, kayaking grew in popularity by some 87.3%. This surge in people actively kayaking continued through the pandemic right up to now.

Why is kayaking a great retirement activity?

Kayaking is accessible to any age group. Getting in a kayak makes for a great leisure activity as well as a more demanding sport. Retirees who wish to stay active and challenge their minds can find many gains with kayaking.

As you get older you will no doubt want to remain active, but you might want an activity that doesn’t require too much physical energy. While there are plenty of white-water locations for kayakers, there is no need to power through strong rapids.

Kayakers can take their vessels to placid waters and enjoy a leisurely paddle if they should wish. There are so many places to launch a kayak in the states, and just paddling will help keep you physically active in later life.

The benefits of kayaking as a retirement pastime

Below are half a dozen good reasons why kayaking is a great activity for anyone in retirement.

Kayaking can be enjoyed with grandchildren

Or children, or anyone really. Company is important during retirement, and kayaking is a hobby that can be enjoyed solo or with others. You might find kayaking helps you to spend valuable time with your loved ones and create shared memories.

Kayaking can be inexpensive

With high inflation and a cost of living crisis, retiring is proving difficult for many. Sadly, many individuals and couples struggle financially in retirement, and taking up a new hobby may not be a priority.

With day-to-day expenses being the most important part of a retiree’s budget, there may be little disposable cash left for spending on activities. However, kayaking is largely inexpensive.

A second hand kayak might cost about $200 although they can be more. Then you will need some equipment such as a life preserver and paddle. But, once you’ve set yourself up, the only cost after will be for transport to lakes and rivers.

Fitness and health benefits from kayaking

Regular activity becomes ever more important as you age, and kayaking can contribute to better health and improve strength and fitness levels. And exercise can help reduce the chances of having serious diseases in later life.

Kayaking itself can help boost cardiovascular fitness and help with muscle strengthening. As people get older, their muscles naturally lose mass, and certain exercises can help combat this by increasing strength.

The WHO recommends muscle-strengthening activities every 2 or 3 days for over 65-year-olds. And regular use of a kayak will lead to stronger shoulders, arms, back, and chest just through paddling.

It isn’t only physical health that improves through exercise either. Retirees can find they are happier after exercise, and kayaking helps with mental wellness and boosts mood.

Kayaking boosts mental activity

Studies have shown that physical activity can reduce the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and improve cognitive functions.

When someone retires they often go from a 9 to 5 position where they have to use their mind to sitting at home watching hours of TV. Many people find they struggle to find ways to challenge their minds in retirement, and this can lead to symptoms of depression or poor memory.

By its very nature, kayaking involves being outdoors breathing in the fresh air and requires concentration when paddling by rocks or other vessels. You will learn a new skill by taking up kayaking, and your memory will improve as you traverse waterways and remember the best routes. Kayaking also involves decision-making and requires focus.

Don’t worry, though, there will be plenty of time for taking in the stunning scenery of Lake Mary in Florida or that which often comes with the best kayaking destinations.

Kayaking can be incorporated into travel

Vacations are still an important and necessary part of life in retirement just as they are for workers. A holiday can provide stimulus, a challenge, can put a stop to the daily routine for a while, and help alleviate feelings of loneliness.

Vacations can be great for boosting romance and creating new memories. It is said that couples who travel together are more likely to stick together, but single people will benefit from a break too.

And kayaking is very accessible in countless vacation spots. Whether you holiday in your own country or travel abroad, there are numerous places to choose from to enjoy kayaking during a vacation.

There are numerous kayaking spots across the country

You don’t need to travel overseas though, to get access to some of the best kayaking destinations. For example, if you retire and live in Saranac Lake you won’t even need to leave New York to paddle.

In total there are about 3 million lakes in the country, but most of them are in Alaska. Many people might prefer to spend time on the water in a warmer location. No fear, because you don’t need to stick to rivers or lakes when you have the Gulf of Mexico, Monterey Bay in California, and the Caribbean Sea to choose from.


Kayaking is a practical activity for retirement as it can be inexpensive after the initial investment is made, and it provides numerous health benefits. Staying active in retirement is essential to good health and mental wellness, and kayaking is suitable for almost anyone.

With thousands of lakes to choose from, there is no shortage of places to visit. Apart from health, kayaking can be a shared activity that brings couples closer in retirement and provides a way to spend time with other loved ones too.



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