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Below the U.S. Average Cost-of-Living 

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

At the northern edge of Costa Rica's Pacific Coast, lively Tamarindo is a village in the Guanacaste province. Also known as the Gold Coast, the province has boomed with hotels and expatriate developments in recent years. 

Tequisquiapan, Mexico

U.S. expatriate Pete Schuster lives in tranquil Tequisquiapan, about 2 hours from Mexico City, and explains why he chose to retire in this affordable, inviting village.



Tulum, Mexico

Sitting at the southern edge of Mexico's breathtaking Mayan Riviera, Tulum is one of the Carribbean Coast's fastest growing communities.  Two hours from Cancun, it was once a bohemian outpost but is becoming more stylish and attracting more vacationers. 

Torrox, Andalusia, Spain

Nestled on the stunning Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun) in southern Spain, Andalusia is one of the country's seventeen autonomous communities.  Within it is Torrox, a compact village that was settled by the Romans and the Moors.   It is divided into two sections, Torrox Pueblo, which is a few miles inland, and Torrox Costa, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

Meets the U.S. Average Cost of Living

San Pedro, Belize

Compact, colorful and tucked into Ambergris Caye, Belize's largest island, mellow San Pedro is rapidly becoming the country's top tourist destination.   It is the only population center on the island and dates from the mid-1800s.  

Coronado, Panama

Just an hour outside of Panama City on Panama's Pacific coast, Coronado is a growing beach town that for years was a popular vacation destination for Panamanians.   In the last decade or so, it has become a popular expatriate retirement destination. 

Pedasi, Panama

Along the southeastern tip of Panama's Azuero Peninsula and off the beaten path, Pedasi is a small surfing and fishing outpost that is starting to gain attention.   This sleepy village has a rustic charm, solid infrastructure, friendly residents and a handful of North American residents.  Developers are making their way here, but Pedasi remains caught in a less hectic time, and the living is easy.   Cattle graze in the fields; farmers bring produce to town daily; the beaches are clean, wild and empty, and the ocean views are spectacular.

Above the U.S. Average Cost of Living

Lunigiana, Italy

Lunigiana, nestled between mountains and covered in meadows and chestnut trees, is located in the northern tip of Tuscany and is well off the beaten path. Medieval castles, stone houses and hilltop villages create a dramatic landscape, and homes cost less than might be expected.



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